Ha! Actually it’s probably more of a pray for me deal. Starting tonight, I’m going to move my blog. I’m moving it to a new host. I’ve been getting it all cleaned up these last few months, now I’m ready to make the move. Just pray that the move goes well and I don’t pull out too much of my hair.

Here’s where I’m the most nervous. I’m moving my blog from www.childrensministryonline.com/blog down to www.childrensministryonline.com. By doing that, I mess up all incoming links to my blog. I should be able to fix this with a 301 redirect, but I’ve never really done this before. So again, pray my patience.

If the site seems to disappear for a little while, that is probably why. Hopefully, you won’t experience any change at all.

Actually, thank you for being a part of the Children’s Minsitry Online community. I’m honored that you come around and read my stuff!