I’m officially searching for my next Preschool Ninja!

I hired an incredible Preschool Ninja about 18 months ago, but she had to go fall in love with someone who swept her off her feet and is taking her away from Austin (insert violin music here). So, I’m officially looking for her replacement and I’m really excited to see who my new preschool ninja might be.

A few weeks ago I launched preschoolninja.com to help me find the right person. Go ahead, check it out!

Let me boil it down for you here – most preschool director positions are the same. Just change the location and church name. However, the position for Preschool Ninja at Gateway Church isn’t like most. There are three things that make this position unique:

  • The job is in Austin, TX! That’s a win for so many reasons. Do you like music? Do you like food? Do you like the outdoors? Do you like technology? Do you like things worth liking? If your answer is yes to any of those questions, Austin is the town for you. Austin is an educational, artistic and cultural hub. Its on nearly every list and people are flocking to the city. Sure it’s getting a little more crowded, but home values are soaring through the roof. Honestly, I can’t think of a better town to work for a church. Austin is very different from the “conservative” Texas surroundings where only 10% of the population goes to church.
  • The job is at Gateway Church. Planted 15 years ago by John Burke (author of No Perfect People Allowed), Gateway has always been about reaching the culture here in Austin. Our auditorium is filled with doubters, skeptics, atheists, and those who are seeking answers. It’s amazing to work at a church that is on the front lines of reaching people who are so far from God. Gateway isn’t a perfect church, but it’s an amazing church family making a profound difference in Austin.
  • The NextGen team is really the selling point. I lead a fully integrated team of men and women who are passionate about reaching kids and students. When I say fully integrated, I mean it. Our preschool, elementary and student staff work together on a daily basis. We collaborate on most projects, tapping into each other’s strengths, regardless of the age groups we specialize in. I hire for chemistry and it has paid off. The NextGen team LOVES each other and count it one of the best parts about their jobs.

If that doesn’t sell you on this position, I don’t know what will.

Here’s the thing though… I’m not looking for a preschool director, I’m looking for a Ninja. Here’s what I see in a Ninja:

  • Emotionally intelligent (ability to read people and respond accordingly)
  • Technologically savvy (it goes way beyond word and powerpoint)
  • High Capacity (able to juggle MANY responsibilities)
  • Team Minded (no lone rangers allowed)
  • Biblically grounded (discipleship happens with more than just preschoolers)
  • Fun (No boring people allowed)

It’s a high capacity leader of leaders position. The focus of this role isn’t on curriculum or even personally interacting with kids… but building into leaders and volunteers who are loved by kids and their parents alike.

This this role intrigues you, hop over to preschoolninja.com and download the full job description and/or fill out the contact form!