When it comes to programing your services every week, we want it to be good. We want it to be really good. Why?

  1. We want the kids to have fun!
  2. We want the kids to come back and bring friends!
  3. We want kids to clearly hear the word of God and understand!

There are probably more reason than that, but that comes to my mind first. However, there are so many obstacles that come in our way every week from producing a great presentation to our kids. It could be that the curriculum is lacking. It could be that you have a lot of great leaders, but not a lot of great communicators. It could even be that you don’t really know what a truly excellent program for kids looks like. Most of us run into one or more of these obstacles. I think that this is why video curriculum is so popular right now. Usually, it’s great programing and you just had to pop it in the DVD player. Whether you’re leading a group of 15 kids or 500 kids, video curriculum can be effective straight out of the box or even dressed up with a great host. However, what if you want to do something live? Where do you start? What do you look at as an example or template. About four years ago I read Aaron’s book, “The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School.” To this day, it is still one of my favorite books on Children’s Ministry. It’s not leadership, vision, or time management. It’s the nitty gritty of producing an incredible experience for kids, regardless of the size or your gathering. If you haven’t picked one up yet, get it, read it and have your production volunteers read it. Want to know what truly incredible kids programing looks like in a church setting. Check out the two videos below by Kids on the Move. One is from one of the summer camp chapel services at Camp Dry Gulch and the other is from a Kids on the Move LIVE service this past Sunday. INCREDIBLE! Let these be great resources regardless of where you’re at!