Man I love kids. They do and say the funniest things. If you can put up with the unlimited energy, you’ll laugh your face off. Oh, and if you can put up with the constant touching. I would say that if I’m with kids for any amount of time, I’ll have at least one kid in contact with me for 68% of the time. Yeah, a shy kid is pretty rare.

Okay, so I’m hanging out with this one kid in the pool. He’s really fun to throw because he is so light. Here is our conversation:

Me: dude, how much do you weigh?
Colton: 54 pounds.
Me: man, my son is just a year old and he weighs like 28 pounds
Colton: yeah, but I’m still 15 pounds heavier.
Me: but he’s only one, you’re seven
Colton: (without missing a beat) yeah, but I haven’t been exercising lately.