I’ve been thinking a lot about this element of Orange. It seems like this is the element that has the potential to change everything… yet it’s the hardest to be successful in. Why? Because it’s something we can’t really control. Once we attempt to reactivate families, it’s up to them to lead their own kids. Us control freak pastors don’t like this so much… since we’re so good at it, right?

I’m pretty passionate about finding ways to engage parents. I’m a big believer that we’re not really successful until we see parents living this out in their homes, using our resources or their own without us begging them to. The problem I’m facing at my church is that I’m trying to reactivate families that have never been activated in the first place. What am I saying? We’ve got parents who know little more than their kids. This is where integrated comes in and expands beyond just student and children’s ministry. I need to work together and trust that our group life and spiritual formation teams are helping adults grow so that they can be a step or two ahead of helping their child grow. So, we’re looking to provide some materials that might teach the parents just before they turn around and teach the kids. Unfortunately, many of these parents are taking spiritual steps at a slower pace than their kids which means they’ll find it harder to equip their kids if they feel behind.

So, I’m currently working on developing some kind of process that will engage parents regardless of where they are in their faith or parenting process. I’m sure as it develops, I’ll share.