So last week I got some great information about what’s coming to the Orange conference this year. However, it was the middle of Orange week and there was a lot of Orange noise going on. It was good noise, but I thought that I would wait until this week to unpack some of the new things about Orange this year to help you make up your mind. So, for the next few days, I’ll be posting reasons to attend the Orange Conference in 2010.

I’ll start with one reason here, but let’s not call it reason #1. We’ll call it, “seriously, this is probably on of the best reasons to come.”

If you register for the Orange Conference by February 18th, you’ll save $40. Plus, for each person you register, you’ll get a $50 credit good for ReThink curriculum or Orange Leaders materials. Essentially, they’re giving you $90 to come to the Orange Conference this year. It’s an incredible deal. It’s also an incredible conference. Click on the little button to the right and register today.