You know what, I almost forgot about announcing the winner of this contest. Oops! Well, sorry about that, so let’s get back to it.

So, as a reminder, the winner get’s an autographed Think Orange and Think Orange companion workbook as soon as the companion book comes out (good things come to those who wait).

So, like I said before, Reggie’s middle name is Reggie, it’s his first name that we’re trying to get. And, the much anticipated answer to the question “What is Reggie Joiner’s first name” is:


What a great name, huh? Sounds like there’s a story behind it.

So, I’ve never met anyone named Herschel, so I didn’t expect anyone to get it. I was going to award the winner to the one who got the closest. However, two people actually named “Hershel” as their answers. Like I said before, I didn’t expect anyone to get this, and then I had two. What are the odds? I’ll be honest, I think our two winners either have an inside source or some pretty good detective work. That’s okay, I didn’t list any restrictions, so if they had some inside knowledge, that’s perfectly fine by me. (by the way, if either of you actually just guessed it, then super huge props to you! With that luck gift, I’m going to have you buy me a lottery tocket).

So, my winners are Theresa Haskins and Robert Johnson.

Unfortunately, I can only have one winner. So, I need to have a sudden death. Here’s the rules. I’ve got one more question and the first person to answer it wins it all. I don’t care who you ask or what you do to find the answer. I’m sure there’s a certain amount of public information out there where you might be able to find it, so search hard. Oh, and one more thing. You only have 5 guesses, so feel free to guess 5 times in 5 separate comments are 5 times all in one.

The Question: Where was I born?

The answer needs to be specific down to the city. I will not give out any clues or reveal any more information. Remember, both Robert and Theresa have 5 shots. The person who names a city that is the closest to my birthplace is the winner. Ready…. Set…. Go!