orangeboxIf you haven’t registered for Orange yet and you’re heavily considering going, go ahead and register TODAY. Today is the last day for any price break. Register TODAY!

There are so many reasons why you should go to Orange, but I’m not going to list them in this blog post. Just search Orange in the search bar to the right and you’ll get your fill. If you fill stuck in a rut in your ministry or if you feel like you’re not making the difference you should be, Orange is for you. Sure, Orange has a ministry philosophy that’s helped thousands of churches, but just getting in the same room with big thinkers in ministry can help you see your situation from a different perspective. You’ll hear great teaching, innovative ideas in breakouts, but some of the best parts of Orange are the conversations in the hallways, in hotel lobbies and restaurants surrounding the venue.

This year there’s a central meeting place called the Orange Leaders Lounge. It’s a place to come and talk life and ministry. It’s filled with a bunch of big thinkers in ministry who want to shoot the breeze as well as talk ministry victories and woes. It’s a great place for every leader to grow, connect, be encouraged and walk away with new ideas and perspectives.

So, Orange is a great place to bring you team. You can grow together. Click here to register your team. Orange is also a great place to go on your own. Consider it a time to personally recharge. Click here to register just you. Just don’t miss the opportunity. You can register tomorrow, it’s just going to cost a little more.