Have you been thinking about registering for Orange? You might want to do so today. ReThink is offering a St. Patrick’s Day special today. 2909 people have already registered and the goal is to get to 3,000 today.

Here’s what’s happening:

If we get up to 3,000 today, then I’ll give the church that registers  person number 3,000 four free registrations to the conference AND preconference.  I’ll either refund them the cost of 4 people or give them passes for 4 additional people.  It’ll be their lucky day. 🙂

There is nothing people need to do to participate…I’ll be watching the numbers and if we get to that number today, then I’ll post the winner on the Orange website news feed tomorrow.  But this is only good if we hit that number today!

If only 4-leaf clovers were Orange….dang it!

So, stop procrastinating. Register today!