Have you seen this yet?

So, what do you think? There’s no doubt, this is going to be a big movie this summer. Kids are going to be talking about it. If you grew up with the original flick, what’s your general impression on this remake?

Now for the real question (regardless of whether you have any attachment to the Karate Kid). As a culture, we’re infatuated with remakes. At times it seems half of everything that comes out of Hollywood is a new franchise of past success. Take a look at Batman. How much more successful could you be and it was like the 2nd reinvention. How about Godzilla, Planet of the Apes or even The Poseidon Adventure. They were absolute flops. What makes a good remake? Why do some succeed where others flop?

How does this relate in ministry? As fresh and creative as we aim to be, there’s certainly a repetitive nature to ministry. Camp happens ever year. So does Easter. How about Sunday morning every week? So much of what we do is a remake of what was done last time. With this we’ve been successful at times. What can we learn from Hollywood’s hits and misses?