It’s a funny little saying from the history of Guy Fawkes, the guy who attempted to blow up parliament. Interestingly this day now has great significance for me and my family. Because it happened on this day (and the catchy little saying), I’m not sure I’ll ever forget this day.

One year ago today was my last day working for Cross Timbers Community Church. You can read about it here. It was an abrupt end as over a dozen people were released due to major financial issues. It was a very difficult day. Actually, I think it was much harder on the Leadership Team there than it was for me. They had to release 15 people in one day and each take significant pay cuts. For me I had been frustrated for several month. Sara and I were trying to see how we could downsize our house and other things. So, although it was unexpected and not something we were seeking, it was actually an answer to prayer (yeah, sometimes God does answer in ways you don’t expect). The hardest part of all of it was saying goodbye to our friends. This goodbye was cut short as we left without notice due to my grandmother passing away.

It’s always interesting to look back and see how things change. Although we’re still trying to get adjusted and make new friends, we’re so happy with how things turned out. We love Austin. We love Gateway. I love what I’m doing (I’ll love it even more when I finally hire these positions I need to fill). I’m just amazed at how God brought us from a place that we thought was pretty good and took us to a place that was even better.

The journey was good, but not necessarily easy. There was some doubt as to what I really wanted to do next. I was out of work for 3 months before I first made my connection with Gateway which was followed by another 3 months of interviews. However, I got a lot of amazing time with my parents and family in Georgia and my mom and dad got to enjoy their new grandson in a way they never expected.

So, God has done an amazing thing. He’s always had a plan for my life. Amazingly, his plan is often bigger than I expected for myself. I truly look forward to what he’s got planned for later. Also, within the journey he packed in all kinds of blessings.

I’m truly thankful. I know that I can trust God. I also know that he’s looking out for my best. Although I experienced everything from frustration, anger, and doubt after being downsized, I’ve been given some amazing perspective. Being let go made me available for something better. Something better for me and my family. Now my perspective is that of thanks and gratitude. It wasn’t fun, but totally worth it now.

Not that I’ve learned my lesson. Things happen that make us mad or frustrated. However, maybe I’ll be a little quicker to put the emotions on pause and see if God is at work. Just my thought for this 5th of November.