Last year I had the opportunity to write a small ebook for Orange called “Reprioritizing for Group.” I wrote about four ways your ministry could (and should) point to small groups. The book really came out of the experiences I had both growing up in the church as well as my experiences transitioning to a groups based ministry. It’s a quick read (probably 10-15 minutes) and only costs $2.99 on Amazon or iBooks.

Who is this ebook for?

  • If you’re leading a ministry to kids or students and the group experience is less than ideal, this ebook will help.
  • If you have someone on your staff that needs to be responsible for groups and they just don’t understand why it’s a big deal, this ebook will help.
  • If you are trying to convince your leader/supervisor why you’re trying to shift your ministry to a more groups-based model, this ebook will help.

Did I say that it’s only $2.99?

Here’s a video I made promoting the ebook when it it first came out as part of the Weekly vault of resources.