It’s been a crazy busy year, but rest is coming and I can taste it now.

Sara and I had an incredible vacation back in October. We went to Banff, Canada and explored the Canadian Rockies. It was restful, beautiful and so much fun. I love vacation.

The week between Christmas and New Years, Sara and I went to North Georgia to hang out with my family for a few days. Although we were in the midst of battling sickness, it was still pretty restful.

Three days ago I booked a summer vacation. This July, Sara and I will celebrate ten years of marriage. We weren’t planning on doing anything extravagant since we just had a really nice vacation. However, last weekend someone told me about the great deals you can get on Mexican vacations right now. So, I booked a four night, five day vacation at Playa Del Carmen. Can I tell you that I’m so excited?

Here’s where we’ll be for five glorious days.

picture-6 picture-5 picture-4 picture-3 picture-71 picture-21

Okay, I didn’t post any of this to brag, but to share. Seriously, we just booked this 4 star hotel for four nights and paid $1,400. What did that include? Everything. Food. Airfare, Lodging, Taxes and even Airport Transfers. The only money we have to spend is if we want to leave the resort or go snorkeling or jet skiiing or something. There were other 4 star hotels in Cancun where you could do all of this for five nights for under $1000. Swine flu is no longer a threat, so take advantage of the prices and sneak in an amazing vacation!