That’s Tennessee in case you didn’t know that.

Next week I’m taking off to spend three days in beautiful Tennessee. I’m actually flying into Nashville on Tuesday morning and I’ll be driving all over the state. So, here’s my road trip itenerary.

  • Tuesday: Nasvhille
  • Wednesday: Knoxville
  • Thursday: Memphis

Honestly, I’m heading to TN because we’re going to be hosting an Illuminate Conference there in a few months (February 18th to be exact). So I’m going out to take care of some details and while I’m at it, I’m hoping to connect with kidmin leaders all over the space. So, I’m setting up lunches in all three cities where I can meet and connect. I may even have some time to connect outside of those lunches, but the schedule is starting to fill up pretty quick.

So, if you live anywhere near any of these three cities, I’d love to have lunch with you! Maybe you know someone in kidmin near any of these three cities. I’d love to have lunch with them too! Let me know either way so that I can get you all the details!

Can’t wait. I have a feeling that there will be some video blogs next week!