Confession: I’ve been in ministry for 15+ years, and I’ve never been a part of a ministry construction project or remodel. I’ve come to churches right after they’ve finished or left shortly before. However, it looks like I might get to take part in a ministry expansion and remodel in the coming years. This should be exciting.

I’m in the early phases of getting ideas to the architect. However, I had a quick question for the kidmin crowd… specifically for anyone who has gone through a construction project in the last several years.

I remember reading/studying years ago about square footage needs for children’s ministry. When it comes to educational space:

  • You need 35 square feet for every child kindergarten and below
  • You need 30 square feet for every elementary child

Does anyone know what to shoot for in a large group area? If I’m going to have a “theater” type space for 150 kids, what kind of square foot range to I need to supply?

Lastly, are the measurements I listed current? Are they just a rule of thumb? Are the minimums? Help me out here. In evaluating our current space, we’re finding that we’ve been crunching too many kids in our spaces and we hope to remedy all of this in our new addition.