Are you a blogger? Do you use Firefox?

May I recommend a pretty cool blogging tool?

I have a WordPress blog. Initially I would log into my WordPress admin page to write posts. I don’t any longer.

For the past 5-6 months, I’ve been using Windows Live Writer. It’s a great little program. It has some bells and whistles that make is stand out from the rest. However, the other day I came across Tony Morgan’s list of favorite Firefox add-ons. One of them was the ScribeFire add-on. It’s so cool! I’ve now written 6 or 7 new blog posts using it. It manages multiple blogs and is still much better than the WordPress admin editor. I still think Live Writer is a better program with more options (a lot of great photo effects and scalers). However, I’m really enjoying ScribeFire for quick posts that I may write without a lot or pictures.

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