So, I’m four months into a search for a Student Pastor. I’m well connected within Kidmin circles, but not so much among the student pastors out there. I’ve had some resumes from some great candidates, some that I’m still talking with. However, I do feel that we’re looking for a pretty unique individual and it is possible that the search could continue for a few months. So, below is my blurb on Church Staffing. If you know someone who might be the right fit or perhaps you’re the right fit, please send your resume to However before the blurb, let me share the minimum requirements we’re looking at.

  • Minimum of 5 years experience leading students; record of leading student ministries with 250+ weekly attendance.
  • Ability to develop and lead adult staff and leaders who in turn organize and lead the ministry.
  • Candidate must have an authentic, active walk with Christ and exhibit Christ-like character. Candidate must personally model the Way of Christ and ensure that all leaders are taking next steps to walk the Way of Christ.
  • Highly organized with ability to trouble-shoot, create processes and systems with a strong eye for detail.
  • Strong gifts in the area of leading/shepherding with teambuilding and interpersonal skills.

I’ll post more this week about what we’re looking for specifically and some of the things I’ve been learning about student ministry over the past four months. It’s been quite the education.


Attention Student Pastors:

Ever feel like the typical and traditional model of student ministry was broken? Have you ever wished you could start over and build a new methodology of reaching students and their families from the ground up?

Gateway Church in sunny (and weird) Austin, Texas is on the search for a very unusual student pastor. This person will work in one of the most exciting and creative churches in the country. Gateway is a highly missional community that is neck-deep in a culture of people who are very far from God. Working in this culture requires one to be comfortable engaging post-modern, post-Christian people who love the arts, tex-mex and their college football (it helps to like burnt orange). Gateway, with its motto of “No Perfect People Allowed” works tirelessly to create an atmosphere where people feel safe seeking faith.

Gateway is seeking out a non-traditional student pastor with three key qualifications:
• Team Player – This candidate must love Gateway, the staff and direction of our church. The student ministry will work very closely (like white on rice) with the children’s ministry (part of the NextGen team) and other ministries to propel students, leaders and families in the direction of the mission/vision of our church
• Team Builder – This candidate must recognize that 90% of the job is leading out through other adult teams. This student ministry will be run by a healthy team of volunteers, where staff don’t get in the way or do all the work.
• Family Focused – This candidate understands that every student represents an entire family made up of parents, brothers and sisters who all have a place at Gateway.
In addition, we recognized that when we partner with parents, regardless of how far they may be from God, our impact on students are exponentially greater.

If Gateway appeals to you and these qualifications sync with your experience and passion, we’d like to hear from you. We’re looking to fill this role as soon as the right person comes along.

Please submit your resume and application to
The application can be found on our website at