Last weekend I got to hang out with Jim Wideman and several other Children’s Pastors for an Infuse retreat. The teaching times were great. The company and connecting with others was great. The food was delicious. However, my favorite times were just hanging out in Jim’s house thinking outside the box, challenging what already exists and doing a little bit of dreaming. I came home with a fresh perspective.

It’s so easy to get our noses down to the grindstone where we’re so busy with the work ahead of us, we forget about the dreams or neglect to take time to dream. A little over a month ago my collaboration friends and I were having a fiery and passionate conversation over Google talk about how we could transform ministry to families. We didn’t have long to talk and since then we all got busy with summer programs and such.

These are the times that breath life into ministry. These are the times that fan the hot coals of passion and calling. I believe that a significant portion of those who experience burnout aren’t overworked, they’ve lost the passion that comes from dreaming.

How do you experience this on a regular basis?