Although he doesn’t do Sign Wednesday as often as he used to, I took this picture months ago and figured this would be right in line with McKee’s Sign Wednesday series. The fun part is that this sign perfectly fits the culture of Austin, TX. I took this picture this Summer while getting an Ice Cream at Amy’s Ice Cream. If you’re visiting Austin, you’re visit is not complete without stopping in at Amy’s. If you don’t believe me, ask Michael Chanley.

When I first saw it, I didn’t get it? Huh? “Sorry, I’m a Mirage.”  What is that supposed to mean? Oh, a mirage is typically when you think you see water but it really isn’t there. Kind of like this broken water fountain. Someone could have easily made a “sorry, I’m broken sign” or even just a simple “out of order.” No, they went with the snarky way of communicating that you weren’t getting any water from this fountain. It was fun and memorable, something that signs should be, right Matt? The only problem with this sign is that plenty of people won’t get it at first glance. It requires just a little bit of thought. Maybe after someone tries to take a drink, they’ll get it. But again, that kind of fits into Austin’s culture… where the sign is almost mocking the person who doesn’t use their brain and tries to take a drink. Maybe I’m thinking too much into this sign, but I loved it.

Here’s a better close up!