IMG_0155In Children’s Ministry, silly dog prayers come with the job. What can you say, kids love to pray for their pets. We explain that God cares about the things that are important to us, even if it involves our pets.

It’s only fitting that today I offer up my own silly dog prayer. Our 4 and a half year old chocolate lab got out of the backyard on Saturday. Sara noticed that she was gone within the hour, but we haven’t seen her since. There’s been a lot of driving around, a lot of posted signs and a lot of prayers. I don’t think we’re anywhere close to winning the “Dog Owners of the Year” award, but we really miss our Francie. She’s such a gentle and loving dog and we’ve got so many wonderful memories with her.

So, as a fellow minister to kids, please humor us with a prayer for my dog. We’d really appreciate it.