IsaacSpecialA few weeks ago I started a weekly series called app of the week that posts every Sunday. I think I’m going to start another weekly series to post ever Monday morning called site of the week. One of the best things about blogging is the way blogs are intended to link out to other sites. I seem to come across cool new sites all the time and I usually share the real gems with others on this blog. However, I’m going to be a little more intentional with a weekly post where I feature a great new blog or site that I’ve discovered.

So, this week I’m starting with a blog I found last night. It’s called Bookie Woogie. It’s a blog written by a dad and his kids. It’s essentially a book review from a family perspective. I just absolutely love the idea. It totally seems like something I would do with my children. Not only is it funny and even helpful, but it touches my heart to see a father connecting with his kids by sharing this fun thing together.

Here is a link to their review of one of my favorite children’s books by Max Lucado.