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Today I’m promoting a great new site that hit the interwebs a little over a month ago. It’s called It’s a site run by the Student Pastor, Chad Swanzy at my church. Chad and his lovely wife Cat have been doing student ministry for a long time and this site is a virtual archive of games, talks, ideas and stuff they’ve come up with over the years. I’ll tell you this, Chad is one of the more creative guys I’ve known in student ministry and he’s got  some great stuff here.

I know, you’re probably thinking it. “But I’m not a ‘Youth Leader!’ What about a stash for kids?”

For that, visit my new site (just kidding Chad). 🙂

Seriously, there’s some great stuff here that’s totally transferable to Kidmin. So many great games that would work great in kid environment. So, check out the “stash” and pass the word. Tell your student pastor about the site, they’ll be glad you did. Maybe he will buy you lunch becasue of this great find. Yum!