Unfortunately, yesterday was too busy of a day for Sara and I to celebrate. It was six years ago that we picked up from Indiana and moved to the Lone Star State. I have to admit that it’s one of the best decisions that we ever made.

I’ve lived in a lot of places and I’ve enjoyed where I’ve lived. When Sara and I first got married (which happened to be in Texas since her parents lived here at the time), she kept saying that she wanted to live here one day. I was a little turned off by the heat, but I was open to the idea. When a great ministry opportunity came open and God was clearly calling us, we were excited about our new venture in Texas.

Six years later and we’re so grateful to have been in Texas all this time. It’s clearly our home. As soon as our son was born in Grapevine, Texas over 3 years ago, we hung a star on our wall and considered ourselves Texans. As a lot of people say around here, we’re not Texan’s by birth, but Texan’s by choice.

I’ve never lived in a place where there was so much pride to be from that place. If you’ve ever visited Texas, you’ll notice that most hotels even have Texas shaped wafel makers. They’re crazy about being Texans. We’re just grateful to be here. Even after having to move 3.5 years into our time here, we were so excited to get to move to Austin, which has much of the best of Texas.

So, bottom line. We’re here to stay!