How do you know when one of your small group leaders is doing a good job?

The evidence is usually pretty clear. The group grows. You see kids swarm around the leader when not in the kid’s building. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious. However, I saw a level of success this week that made my heart swell with pride.

On Sunday night I held a baptism class. We had about 15 kids participate with their families. At the end of the class parents fill out the required paperwork. One of the parents waved me over to their table. They asked me if it was okay if their daughter’s small group leader baptized her. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Of course it’s alright! I LOVE IT!

This small group leader in particular made a lasting spiritual impact. When giving the opportunity to choose who would baptize her, she chose her small gorup leader. That’s small group leader success.

What I’m excited about is watching this baptism happen. Hopefully the other girls from the group will get to watch/participate with what’s happening. I bet that at our next baptism, 4-5 more girls from this gorup will get baptized as well. Woo Hoo!