Since I’ve been doing the 60-60 experiment I’ve been thinking a lot about spiritual growth.

When I look back on my life when I’ve seen season of dramatic growth, I’ve found that they’ve usually been the result of some kind of catalyst. Usually a summer camp, joining a new youth group or a missions trip. It often feeds into the typical roller coaster ride of spiritual growth that many of us experienced as teenagers.

I’ve reflected on this a lot and I think a lot has to do with the environment. When at camp or on a missions trip, we’re in a special environment where growth is encouraged and nurtured. While at camp or on a mission trip, God is very present in our lives. We’re either learning a lot about him, we’re serving him, or experiencing him more than we do in our every day lives. This environment causes extreme growth. Then we go home and growth tapers off. Excitement fades. Maybe we even find ourselves in the same patterns as before the experience.

We’re adults though. It’s different for us. We don’t go to camps and go on mission tips like we did as teenagers (well, some of us do). It’s no wonder that spiritual growth is so slow or non-existent for so many.

What I like about the 60-60 is that it is a catalyst. It creates an environment. Even though I have a watch or a beeping phone to help me, I know that at least every hour (more if my mind naturally goes there) my thoughts will be on God, his presence and on how he wants to be involved in my life. I know that a least during every hour, I’ll be in communion with God the way he designed me to be and it’s not because I’m having my quite time or singing a worship song. I’m just living my life with him in the middle of it. Could abiding him him really be that simple? It has made a big difference in my life so far.