Here’s what Soul Revolution is all about. Read the first part of John 15. It talks about God being the vine and us being the branches. If we abide in him, he will abide in us. The result? We’ll produce fruit. We’re supposed to stay connected. So, how do I grow spiritual fruit? Just like a branch produces fruit. Stay connected to the vine. Could it really be that simple?

Here’s the deal. I’ve taught many times about how God doesn’t just want one part of our day. He doesn’t just want Sundays. He wants all of us… all the time.

How many times have we said that God is our number one priority but then felt guilty because we spend way more time on 4 or 5 other things than on time with God? How does this even compute?

What about when hours and hours and hours pass by and I don’t even think about God. Not even once. Why does this happen? It’s not because he’s not important, because he is. I just forget. We all forget. If we forget, are we abiding?

Then I think about when we first fell in love. I met my wife at college and we did spend a lot of time together. But even when we weren’t together, we were thinking about each other… a lot. Even when we got busy and didn’t get to hang out, our thoughts were of each other. Shouldn’t that be what our relationship with God looks like? Too bad we have this pesky habit of forgetting.

Oh, that’s what the 60-60 experiment is about.

I can say, “oh, I’m going to be more aware of God from now on.” I’m lucky if that lasts a few hours. But what would happen if I intentionally set up a system of reminders? What if I was constantly being reminded that God is here, that God loves me and that God desires to abide in me and I in him? In some ways it sounds pathetic, but if my desire to connect with God all day long is so strong that I’d be willing to do anything to stay connected, then I say this system is genius.

So the 60-60 is simply about being reminded. I set me watch (in my case it is my phone) to ring/beep/sound every 60 minutes. Every hour I’m reminded that God is here and that he desires to be involved with my life at that very moment. I don’t have to pray, sing a song or anything like that. I just think about him and be aware of him… maybe even invite him into what I am doing right now. Intentional reminders every 60 minutes for 60 days.

Could it really be that easy?

I’ve been doing the 60-60 for over a month now and I would say that I’m more aware of his presence now that I have ever been. The reminders help me re-focus, recalibrating and put things in the right perspective.

What would happen if thousands of people in your church banded together in relational small groups and did the 60-60 experiment together? I think that would be a revolution.