In case you didn’t know, I’m speaking at Orange this year. Crazy, huh?

I still can’t believe they asked me to lead a couple of breakouts. I’m excited, nervous and honored all at the same time. So, I thought I’d share with you what my breakouts are about this year.

  • How to Plan a Ministry Calendar – You know that I’m passionate about this kind of stuff. I’ve written blog posts (plural) about this kind of stuff. It’s only natural that they’d pick me, ha! I think that too often we don’t make the best use of our time each year. We often have good intentions, but ministry is busy and when the year is done we wonder why we didn’t do this or that. In this session, I’m going to share some key practices that should be in place anytime you set up to plan your calendar.
  • How to Design Great Signage – Matt McKee and I are co-hosting. This one is going to be epic. I’ve done series about this kind of stuff. I can break this one down for you. You have an important message to share. People need to hear the message you have. Don’t make crappy signs ever again!
  • How to Communication with Volunteers Via Text Messages – Honest truth, Matt McKee is leading this breakout. I’m just there to help him out. He’s the mobile tech king and I’m just honored that he might let me sit in the corner of the stage and give a little input here and there.
  • How to Connect with Parents Using Social Media – This too is going to be a great breakout. Do you have a communication strategy to families that involves Social Media? Do you just dabble in Social Media? Matt McKee and I are going to propose that if you’re not neck-deep in social media communication, you’re limiting your potential to connect and impact parents! Don’t just dabble. Jump in, we’ll help!

Well, I’m excited. Come join us if you can (Planning a Ministry Calendar and Connecting with Parents using Social Media are sold out). If you can’t make it, then all I can say is… “You’re going to miss out!”