Rethinking Your Staffing Strategy

Several years ago, I had a moment of clarity concerning how I organized my staff. This illumination came from a book that I wasn’t planning to read and two churches I had been talking to that were trying something different. I’m not going to say that the way I staffed before was wrong, but I believed that I stumbled into something that was far better. I’ll never go back.

About three years ago, I began the process of moving staff around and hiring positions under this new model. For some people it was hard to get their mind around. However, the strategic shifts paid off. My newly organized team was the absolutely best staff I had ever had. In addition, they were by far the most effective and productive team I’d ever led. I’ll admit, a lot had to do with the kind of people I hired. However, I do believe that it is the structure that greatly influenced the results I was seeing.

About 18 months ago, KidzMatter Magazine had heard about my interesting approach to staff and asked me to write a feature article for the magazine. I was happy document the ideas that were working for me and if you didn’t happen to read that article, I’m happy to share it with you.

Download a copy of this article at the bottom of this page. For further ideas concerning this staffing model, see the additional articles and resources below.