Last Thursday night I went to go see Star Trek with some buddies. I had a blast! It was a great movie! Now, let me set the record straight. There are some people out there (Jonathan and Sam) that would like you to believe that I am a Trekkie. No. I’m not even a closet Trekkie. I can’t draw the schematics of the Enterprise or speak Kingon. However, I do love the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre. I love it! I’ve seen most of the Star Trek movies and have watched a handful of Next Generation episodes.

I think that one of the things I love the most about Star Trek and some other Sci-Fi in general are the fans. There’s no getting around it, they’re fun to watch. I was in line getting my ticket and for five minutes I listened to two guys argue about inaccuracies in the layout of a starship in a past movie. Then in line I accidentally said Star Wars instead of Star Trek and I literally thought a few guys were going to zap me with their phasers. It is for this reason that I own the movie Galaxy Quest. Even if you hate Sci-Fi but love making fun of Trekkies, you’ll love this movie.

Check out the video below:

SNL Get A Life

Okay, that was a long introduction to my point.

Why is it that from the outside looking in, Children’s Pastors look a lot like Trekkies? In some circles we have been labeled Fanny Packers. I actually wrote a lot more to this post, but I felt like what I wrote was tacky. So, I’ll leave it at this. Are we so passionate about kids and being relatable to kids that we lose relatability to others around us? My friend Sam, the same one who makes fun of me for liking Sci-Fi, wrote a great article about this issue. You can actually read the article here.

Just trying to help the cause!

BTW, what didn’t help my cause is that at Orange they were asking a bunch of Star Trek trivia questions and I happened to know all the answers. Sam was sitting beside me. I should have kept my mouth shut. 🙂