gateway-logoEvery year my church has a “State of the Gate.” It’s really a gathering one evening of the week, usually at the beginning of the year where we share great stories from the previous year, share any exciting news and then cast vision for the coming year. This year we tried something new. Since we’ve recently launched our internet campus, we broadcast the State of the Gate over the interwebs. What a cool experience!

I still don’t know how many actually participated, but a pretty large group of people logged in with their facebook and twitter accounts and interacted with each other during the broadcast and asked questions during the Q & A. It was a totally unique environment. The people who watched live had a much more engaging experience than any State of the Gate in the past. In addition, the video content will remain online for people to watch later. In a tech savvy, DVR and overwhelmingly busy culture we live in, this format for special services like this seems the way of the future.

Click here to check the live site, you can read the chat dialogue until Sunday when it will be replaced by Sunday’s chat log. Feel free to watch the videos below, they illustrate our church’s current restructure to better engage our body in serving the community.

State of the Gate 2010

State of the Gate 2010 | Intro from Gateway Church on Vimeo.

State of the Gate: Attend, Grow and Serve

State of the Gate 2010 | Attend Grow Serve from Gateway Church on Vimeo.

State of the Gate: Q & A

State of the Gate 2010 | Q&A from Gateway Church on Vimeo.