Just arrived to Atlanta. Staying with some family tonight.

Planning to visit Buckhead Chruch in the morning. It’s a venue of North Point. It’s a very large venue, so I’m anxious to see a large, multi-site venue as my only experience is with seeing small venues.

I hope to get in and see KidStuf. Only heard great things about this family production. Hopefully they’ll let me in without bringing a family. I really should have called ahead this week.

A teenager I’m good friends with from Texas is in Atlanta for a national school competition. I’m going to try to take him to lunch tomorrow if possible.

I check in for Orange tomorrow night and check in to my hotel room. A co-worker from a church I once worked with is splitting a hotel room with me… that helps a ton and I’m looking forward to hanging out.

Anyone else going to be at Orange? Shoot me an email and we’ll try to arrange a meet-up!