I just read John Maxwell’s post about how he was recently arrested. That’s right, arrested. No, it’s not what you’re probably initially thinking (disappointing that we’ve been let down by Christian leaders in the past that our mind first goes to something much worse, huh?) No, it was a simple mistake, but a very stupid one at that. A stupid mistake that probably would have cost any one of us our jobs. I know that Mr. Maxwell is in a different boat from most of us, but there’s no doubt that this will have an effect on him. I think in the long run, this will prove to his advantage. It will provide a great illustration and teaching point. In addition, it reminds all of us that he really is a human being like the rest of us.

I cringed when I read this post. Yes, I felt horribly embarrassed for Mr. Maxwell. However, I saw how easily I could have gotten myself into a similar situation due to complete carelessness (although I can’t imagine I’d ever have taken a gun through security). Early in my ministry, I made some stupid and careless mistakes. Mistakes that have easily gotten me dismissed, especially if things had gone a different way. From these mistakes I learned valuable lessons, lessons on wisdom and lessons on making sound decisions.

This article challenges me to be ever villagent. Certainly the enemy would love to see me fail. However, I think carelessness can be my own worst enemy. It’s vital to keep my guard up and pay attention, we’re all just one stupid mistake from making a huge mess. Too much is resting on our leadership.