Yesterday I wrote about RSS. Really, it’s the best way to follow blogs and news sites. However, you may not want to hassle with creating a reader account (really, it is easy). If that is you, then I’ve created an even easier method. You can subscribe to my blog via email. That means you’ll get all blog updates sent to you as an email. Once a day (If I wrote anything new that day) an email will be sent with all posts written in the previous 24 hours. It’s just too easy.

So, if you want to subscribe this way, just look for the subscription box where you enter your email address.

Caution: About one in ten who sign up this way neglect to confirm their email. Once you enter your email in the subscription box, a verification email will be sent to your inbox. You must open this email an do what is says (respond). Then you will be subscribed to this blog.

If you want to subscribe via email, go ahead and enter your email in the subscription box. Otherwise, just click here.

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