rssIf you like this blog and find the information here helpful (which I appreciate), I want to make it easier for you to get the information here (and other blogs as well). I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that half of the regular visitors to this site actually visit this page. I remember when I first started following blogs about 18 months ago. I considered myself both tech and web savvy. I created a folder in my bookmarks and made a bookmark of all the blogs I liked. Then, every day I would visit each of these sites to keep up with the blog posts. Then I found a better way.

It’s called RSS. Rather than manually visit any number of blog sites every day, how would you like to have each of these sites visit you… all in one place. No brainer, right? That is what RSS is all about. If this describes you at all, now is the time to jump on the RSS bandwagon. For months I tried to sign my wife up with a Google Reader account. She didn’t seem interested… at least not enough to sign up for one. Then one day she explored it a little bit and eventually signed up. Now she follows more blogs than any sensible person should. I think she literally follows 5 blogs dedicated only to cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes.