261px-Dreamhost_logo.svg_I switched hosting companies about 9 months ago.I’d been with GoDaddy for many years and was generally happy. I’d had my share of frustrations when things didn’t work quite the right way as GoDaddy did things differently than other hosting companies or when GoDaddy only offered IMAP email on premium accounts where other hosting companies offered it to all accounts. Although GoDaddy was one of the cheapest hosts around, I was paying for four separate hosting accounts for all my blogs/sites. Then I switched to Dreamhost and everything got exceptionally better!

Although hosting fees are a little more expensive than GoDaddy, I can host as many websites as I want on one hosting account. That alone was worth the switch. In addition, Dreamhost offers one click wordpress (among other popular web applications) installs, automatically integrates with google apps (if you want) and all kinds of other features. When I’ve had issues, talking to someone from Dreamhost was easy and pleasant.

So, if you’re even remotely thinking about switching hosting companies or even in the slightest bit unsatisfied with your current host, I highly recommend checking Dreamhost out. As added motivation, use the promo code: SWITCHNOWANDSAVE

With this promo code, you’ll save $50 off your first year of hosting. In addition, you’ll get one free lifetime domain registration. That’s a great deal! You won’t regret it.

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