37 Signals is a Web 2.0 company that has several really cool products on the market. As a Web 2.0 company, all their products are online applications. This one in particular is no exception. It’s called Ta-Da Lists. What does it do? Well, simply put, it’s just a to-do list. That’s it, nothing else.

I know, I’ve been to the leadership and time management courses that rebel against the idea of to-do lists. Honestly, I can’t really remember what the reasoning way, something about relating to projects with vision and mission rather than tasks. I guess I can see where they’re coming from, but when I’m running to pick up some stuff at the supermarket, I’ve got a list. If I attempt to conquer my grocery store visit with mission and vision in mind, I’ll be going back later for the eggs.

Here’s the skinny. You can sign up for a free account (they’re all free) and create lists. You can have a grocrey list, a honey do list, an agenda for your next staff meeting list… whatever you want. In addition, you can share your lists with others. You might share your honey-do list with your spouse, share your agenda list with your staff or your christmas list with you momma! When you share, others can then add or complete items for the lists you shared with them. I’m currently sharing my staff retreat list with a staff memeber who’s helping me plan the retreat. Oh, and the coolest part of ta-da lists is the RSS feature. I and the people I share this list with can subscribe to a RSS feed for any of my lists. This means that I or my staff don’t have to log into the lists to see what’s been added or what’s been completed. An RSS feed will send notification as often as every 45 minutes when changes are made. Last of all, this is Web 2.0, so it’s all internet based and can be accessed from any web browser.

 List Screenshot

Tada Screenshot