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More resources please

In case you didn’t know, this website has a section dedicated to resources. Last year I launched it by gathering people’s check-in registration cards. I got close to a dozen and it seems a lot of people found it...

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Calendar planning

I did something I’ve never done before a few weeks ago. On of our Early Childhood leaders has a beautiful lake house on Lake Travis and offered to share it with my team, so I took my Kids Quest team away overnight to plan...

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North Point Visit – Summary

Here’s a quick video summary of the before and after from my visit to North Point. I have a lot to share, but that probably won’t post until after Orange. Enjoy. Childrens Ministry Online: North Point Tour from Kenny...

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Attendance milestone

I’m not even going to get into a numbers debate with anyone. I like the way Craig Jutila approached the topic. Who cares how many kids you have in your ministry, the important question to ask is, “Do you have more...

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Show me the registration forms!

Hey people! I need your help. Last Sunday I picked up and looked at our “registration card” that first time visitors fill out. Embarrassingly, it was the first time I looked at this. I’ve got several new...

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