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History of Fonts

If you’ve read this blog for more than a year or two, you’ve learned that I have a certain love… and hate for specific fonts.  (Here are some of my past posts on fonts) (Go here to catch up on some of my “I loath Algerian font” themed posts which got me sited in the Algerian Font’s wiki page as a font hate site… Ha! I’m such a nerd) Every now an again, I’ll find a very interesting video or blog about fonts. When designing (something we all do – every time we hang a sign on a door for parents to read), paying attention to the font is important. Some fonts are better designed for big signs, others for easy reading text. Using the wrong font in some situations communicates something different than what you’re trying to say with your font. I know, for some of you this sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

My good friend Jonathan Cliff knows of my love of fonts and sends me links all the time. Here’s a really interesting video on the history of fonts.. why they’re called fonts, why we call them “upper case” and “lower case” and even where they term italics came from. However, there’s a big chunk of the video that deals with the infamous Comic Sans font, where it came from and why so many people hate it.


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I Loath Algerian Font Day #7

Sometimes I forget about this eternal series I’m doing. I can’t believe I’m only on #7. Last week I did number 6 although I didn’t name it. I saw the Good News Journal last week and that infamous Algerian...

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I Loath Algerian Font Day #5

Before the Orange Conference I hung out in Atlanta for a few days with my parents. One day we hiked Stone Mountain. In the gift shop were all kinds of tacky things to buy. One of them happened to be this train whistle....

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I Loath Algerian Font Day #4

Now that I’ve made it a point to actually blog about Algerian, I’m amazed about how much more often I just happen to run into it. The day after I started this themed post, I went to dinner with my wife and my summer...

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I Loath Algerian Font Day #3

About six weeks ago I went to an office furniture store to purchase some school lockers. As I was walking into the store, I noticed this sign on the door. I was with my staff that knew about my “thing” with Algerian....

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I Loath Algerian Font Day #2

A month or so after getting to Gateway, I found this sign posted in one of our tech booths. Just a few days earlier I told my intern about my distaste for this font. He cracked up when he noticed me finding this sign....

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I Loath Algerian Font Day #1

Just after Sara and I moved to Austin I saw this sign. We were living in the hotel at the time and we stopped at this gas station to get a soft drink. I was sitting in the car and noticed this sign. Notice the...

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I’m going to have theme blog day

Several of my friends have a recurring theme day for their blog. My friend Sam has YouTube Friday. Matt has a bunch of theme days like Ministry Monday’s, Two Minute Tuesdays and Sign Wednesdays. I’ve never had one of...

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