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App of the Week: Cash

One of the most useful apps I’ve encountered lately has been the new Cash App from the makers of square. You know square, the people who made it super easy to take credit card payments over your iPhone or iPad. They’ve changed the landscape for small businesses, regular people who need to take credit card as payment as well as church bookstores or walk-up registration situations.

Their new app “cash” has made digital payment among people you know easier than ever. I’m like a lot of people now days, I just don’t carry much cash on me… and I usually only write checks a few times a year. It’s nice to have extra payment options as it’s not always convenient to have to run to the bank to pay a friend back.

Here’s how cash works:

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Barcode App Recomendations

Okay, in the next week or so, I’m going to write a little bit about moving to self check-in. For the past 4 years, I have been wanting to upgrade to self check-in at Gateway, but we’ve not had the resources to do it all at once. So, I’ve been working on it all summer and we’re launching self check-in a week.

We went the barcode route and started distributing them last week. Here’s my big question though.

Do any of you recommend a good barcode app for your smartphone? We spent a little extra money to get the nice barcode readers, like the ones they have at Starbucks and airports. It was important to me that we had another option for people who forgot to bring their barcode.

The only app I know is the keyring app. It’s a great app with lots of options, but a little more complicated than I’d like. I want to make it super simple for parents to create a digital copy of their assigned barcode. Keyring makes you walk through 2-3 steps I’d prefer to avoid for simplicity. So, does anyone know of a simple app that stores your barcodes for future scanning?

Your help would be much appreciated!

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Orange Legacy App

Orange released a new app yesterday. It’s both¬†frightening, amazing and depressing all at the same time. Whatever emotion you feel, it’s a truth that no parent should ignore. We have limited time. Below I have put in both of my kids. Wow! Time is ticking away!


This app allows you to put in a child’s birthdate and it estimates the time left until their graduation. It is a visual representation of the time we have left to influence a child before they leave home.

You can also add in specific events and see the countdown until that day.

When you see the time you have left, you get serious about the time you have now.

Download the app right here.


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The Orange Conference App

Hey, check it out. Orange just released a new app just in time for the Conference a little less than 2 weeks away. It does exactly what you want in a conference app.

Schedule and Map

Probably the two most important parts of an app. What breakout are happening and where can I find them. The app gives you a macro level view of the entire campus and then a micro level of each building. No more fumbling for paper maps and schedules. You’ll look like a pro as you navigate your way around Orange with your iPhone.

Oh, and what could be even cooler than this? Log in and all the breakouts you already signed up for show up. Change your mind and you want to attend another breakout? You can do it right there in the app. Make the change and it updates your account with Orange. Awesome!

image_1 image_4

Speaker bios and Live Streaming

Want to know more about that guy who is leading the breakout that is so freaking awesome? There’s a great section where you can find those speakers, read their bio and then send them a tweet or visit their blog.

Lastly, there’s a section for live streaming. Let’s be real, if you’re at Orange, what’s the point of live streaming… and we know how stellar internet performance is when there are 5000 people all tweeting, facebooking and instagraming at the event, but if you’re not at Orange… how perfect is this?

image_4 image_2Last but not least

You Android or Windows Phone users aren’t going to be happy. This is an iPhone only app. Sorry. ūüôĀ

Download the app here!

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App of the week: Keynote Remote

A sure fire, no miss app for me that has saved my hide on many occasions this year has been Keynote Remote. If you use a mac personally or use macs for presentations at church or other speaking opportunities, I’d highly suggest investing in this very useful app for your iPad, iPod or iPhone. I’ve found myself in situations where the remote clicker I needed to use for a presentation could not get a clear line of site with the compter or perhaps I was too far away from the compter to get an appropriate signal to control the slideshow.

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Your ministry needs an app!

My friend Matt McKee just announced something incredible. It’s called 1000 apps for Christmas. His company, ROAR, is offering 1000 free apps in the next 30 days. That means if you want an app for your ministry,...

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The Almighty Bible App

I regret that I didn’t get a chance to finish my review of The Almighty Bible last week, but things got a little dicey at the end of the week. So, where was I? I wrote about the content and style of this new Bible here. I...

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App of the week: TripIt

One of the apps I’ve been using pretty√ā¬†consistently√ā¬†for about 9 months has been TripIt. It’s a great little app to manage all your travel√ā¬†arrangements. Since having email on my phone, I would normally email myself...

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App of the week: Dropbox

Over a year ago, I wrote about dropbox for the first time. I started using it because my√ā¬†preferred√ā¬†file storage/sharing application (Live Sync) wasn’t playing nice with OS X Snow√ā¬†Leopard. One year later and I’m...

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Brand New Orange Leaders App

Last week I blogged about the new Orange Conference iPhone App. Although I was sworn to secrecy, I knew that another app was in the works that would take it to the next level. Now it’s here, the Orange Leaders App for...

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