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Baptism Celebration

A few weeks I wrote about our upcoming Baptism Celebration. That Baptism Celebration is happening this Saturday. That’s one of the reasons you’ve not seen a lot of posts on this blog recently. Wow, I’ve been...

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Baptisms at Gateway

This week I’ve been writing a lot about baptism. We had some great stories from last week and we’re moving into new territory for baptism in the future. Here’s a powerful video we showed on Sunday that gives a...

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A Baptism Story

I’m really excited about something that happen last week. Yesterday I wrote about our successful baptism service from Sunday. Well, there’s a really beautiful story woven in there as well. Let me tell you about a...

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Baptism Success

Yesterday we help baptisms at Gateway. The weather was perfect and so many people made decisions of faith and followed Jesus in Baptism. It was an amazing sight to see. However, it was a very different experience for kids....

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Baptism Video

We like to celebrate baptisms big here at Gateway. We usually hold them three times a year (summer months) so that many can participate. We held a baptism a few weeks ago and nearly half of those baptized were kids. Several...

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Summer baptisms

Last week we baptized close to 30 kids after one of our services. It was a beautiful time. One of my favorite parts about this baptism were the number of parents being baptized because their kids were taking this step. Several...

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Free Ugly Towel Sunday

Yesterday Gateway held it’s first baptism service of the year. What a great start to the year with 167 baptisms. Woo hoo! Going into this weekend, we had a little over 100 people registered, more than 30 of them being...

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Baptism idea

Our new Children’s Pastor for our South Campus sent me this video. Since then I’ve seen it a few other places. The first time I saw this I had a stupid grin on my face. The guy who sent this to me messaged the email...

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