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Top of the list again

Yesterday, Tony over at Ministry To Children released his top blogs of 2011 post. He spent who knows how many hours pouring over numbers, stats and data to determine a rank for the top 100 kidmin blogs. He’s been doing...

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Guest post at Epic Parent Blog

I had the distinct pleasure of guest posting on Chris Spradlin’s (Sprad’s) blog, epicparent.tv. Click here to read my post. I linked over to Sprad’s blog several weeks ago when writing about talking to your...

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BRB. I promise.

You may have noticed a major lack of content here on the blog. Well, I took a week of vacation which was sandwiched by an out of town conference/retreat and a full-on volunteer expo. So, the dust is beginning to settle and...

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Happy Birthday once again CMO!

Yes, today is Easter. However, it’s a very special Easter because it’s also the day this website turned three years old. It’s a special birthday because I also hit a pretty huge milestone yesterday when I wrote...

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This is the end of the line

This is it. This is the end of the line friends. Over two weeks ago the March Madness for Kidmin bloggers began From the 64 who started, there are only four remaining and I am one of those four. It’s been a long journey...

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A different blog you might enjoy

Do you ever get tired of reading ministry blog after ministry blog after ministry blog? Do you need a “blog vacation?” I thought you might. Let me introduce to you my favorite, non-ministry blog. It’s called...

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