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The Eric Trap has arrived… kinda

So this is what just arrived in the mail yesterday. It’s so exciting to see the culmination of this project. It’s truly been something that’s been in the works for years. It was so much fun putting it together and I think it’s going to be even more fun interacting with people who read it.

You may be wondering… “how do I get a copy?”

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Book recommendation on initiative

Does anyone have a recommendation for me on a great book about initiative. I’m helping someone with a development plan and one area I’m recommending for improvement is in the area of initiative. I’m assuming I was shaped early in life with a strong drive to get up and get things done, or it was baked into my personality. However, I’m hoping there is a great resource that might help someone who wasn’t shaped that same way. I really like the book Eat That Frog as it deals with procrastination and getting things done and that might be a supplemental book that I use, but I’m looking for other suggestions as well. Thanks for your help!

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Kidmin Leadership

I must say, this is a smart kid… and I’m not just saying that because he’s mine. Check out what he’s reading. Yeah, you guessed it. It’s the newest book published by my friend and mentor Jim...

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