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Free Books!

Everyone likes the sound of that, right?

My wife just sent me a link telling me that Francis Chan is giving away three of his most popular books away for free on the Kindle on April 6 and 7th only. You just have to shoot over to Amazon and download them today. I’ve heard Francis at the Orange Conference a few times and his messages were very challenging. However, I haven’t read any of his books yet (although they are on my list). Seeing this new, I quickly jumped over to Amazon and downloaded them, so hopefully I’ll get to read them this year.

I’ll make it easy for you. Click here to download the free books (the deal states that the books could go back to their regular price at any time).

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Leaders are readers

I’m pretty sure it’s Jim Wideman who I heard this quote from, but I’ve learned over the years that Leaders are Readers. There’s just not a lot of getting around that. We can learn a lot on our own, but...

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Top books of 2011

This is a hard choice. I read 16 books in 2011 and all of them were very good. However, if I had to pick my top five, they would be the books listed below. My choice in the top 5 are books that have had the most profound affect...

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