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Why I feel that serving trips are better than camp

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, right? This is mine. I may not be right, even by a long shot. However, I feel like I’ve done this thing long enough to see the outcomes of both. Hear me out though, I’m not saying that you should only do one or the other, I’m just stating a case for why more effort should be invested in making serving trips for kids a reality.

Yesterday I posted about why we stopped taking kids to summer camp. With 20+ summer camp experiences under my belt, few people are bigger summer camp fans than I am. However, I realized that there’s room for something better than camp.

So, here are my reasons:

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Kids Camp: JUMP

It’s been a slow month here at childrensministryonline.com, but it’s been crazy busy for Kenny Conley! Yes, it’s that time of year, Summer Camp. Two years ago we began attending a great camp in South Texas called Camp Zephyr. We participate in the facility’s organized camps, but we get a big say in what camp looks like for our students. One of the ways we get that big say is that they’ve hired me to be the camp pastor. Two years ago I led the camp that our kids attended. Last year I taught at two sessions of camp and this year I’m doing all three preteen camps. Now, just a few days into camp, all is going incredibly well!

Every year we have used Orange summer curriculum like Live it Out, Chase the Light and this year… JUMP.

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Kids Camp: Day 4

So, the video hasn’t been uploaded yet, I’ll add later when it is live. Day four was amazing! As far as camp activities go, it wasn’t much different from any of the other days of camp… just a lot of fun....

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