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Large Group Programing Excellence

This last year we made some significant changes to the way we teach elementary kids on Sunday morning. We went from a team of 10-12 that covered production in two environments for three services to a team of nearly 40 for a well-executed service in one environment for three services. It has been a game changer. However, when we were getting ready to launch, it was very difficult to find any video resources that showed what a highly executed elementary service could look like. I contacted several churches and no one had any kind of video, which is funny to me. Since we relaunched in January, I’ve recorded the service every week.

This week, the folks over at Seeds released the Kids on the Move: LIVE service they performed at the Seeds conference. In years past, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the services the’ve recorded. Church on the Move does kidmin programing at a level that is unattainable for 95% of most churches, but they certainly are inspiring. There’s always something to learn from watching what they do. Check out their most recent video release below.

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Site of the week: Seeds

Just yesterday I’ve come across the Seeds website. What a great resource for those of us in ministry. The creative minds at Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma have established a site where they post resources...

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Father’s Day Video

Not sure if you’ve seen this yet. Usually I see this on the blogs or on twitter, but actually found this from the facebook feed of someone I recently married who isn’t really that plugged into church. So, I’m...

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