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Does your church have a unified voice?

I’m about to celebrate 4 years of serving at Gateway Church and let me tell you, I’m so thankful. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and I’m looking forward to many more years ahead of me. One of the things I love the most is how strategic Gateway is about reaching a specific demographic. Jim Wideman had done some consulting for Gateway years ago and while interviewing, he told me that Gateway was one of the very few churches he’d worked with that very closely reflected the culture they were trying to reach.

One of the ways that Gateway does this is training leadership in the “Voice of Gateway.” Just a few weeks ago we sat through a 30 minute refresher in an all-staff meeting.

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How are you using QR codes?

Only a few months ago I wrote posts about both Microsoft Tags as well as QR Codes. Today I flew from Austin, TX to Atlanta, GA and have seen no less than a dozen QR Codes and one Microsoft Tag. They’re everywhere. Even on...

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I love Kidmin

I was just thinking about this the other day when looking at what conversations were happening on twitter surrounding #kidmin. We’re coming up on two years since we invented the kidmin hashtag. Although I often get credit...

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