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Churches who give it back

I follow several people I used to work with at Cross Timbers in DFW and it seems my previous church is getting some media attention. Don’t worry, its a good thing. They’ve been giving money back to the community both...

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Cross Timbers Revisited

This past weekend I went back to North Fort Worth for a few days. Josh, my intern that worked (and lived) with me all summer wrapped up his time in Austin last Thursday. When we were planning the internship, I intentionally...

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My Multi-Site Journey

My new friend Dawn shot me an email asking me about what my church (being multi-site) is like. If you are closely involved in the multi-site movement, you would know that every one is different… kind of like snowflakes. My...

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When it rains, it floods!

(where I’m officing now… the church lobby) This week was pretty unusual. We had some April storms come through on Tuesday, nothing unusual for North Texas this time of year. At about 1:45 (during staff meeting with...

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