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Stop “doing your own thing”

I recently came across this blog post. Yes, it’s written to the student ministry audience, but it could just have easily been written to the kidmin community. For whatever reason, those of us in kidmin just love writing curriculum. I’m not sure what our reasons are. I say “us” and “our” because I spent the first several years of ministry writing much of the curriculum I taught. Granted, this was in a time where there were also very few options… not today when there are so many options for every kind of ministry genre.

Seriously, read the post, “The problem with ‘We do our own thing.'”

I want to point out the three main points of why you shouldn’t write your own curriculum:

  • It’s arrogant to write everything.
  • Curriculum is cheap, your time isn’t.
  • It communicates isolation when your students long for connection.
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Good Friday resources: Where are they?

It seems that there really isn’t any shortage of Easter resources. From curriculum, video, and other needs, you can find just about anything you’re looking for. But that’s not true of Good Friday. It appears that most resources seem to lump all of Good Friday and Easter into one package, but the Good Friday stuff really can’t stand on it’s own. With more churches offering Good Friday services, events and experiences, the need for stuff specific to Good Friday has increased.

At Gateway we’re doing a very interesting and unique (unique to us) experience for Good Friday which I’ll write about later. We’re putting together a family experience around around Good Friday and we really had a difficult time finding what we were looking for. With what we did find, it was hard to find something that wasn’t too bloody and something that wasn’t too cheesy.

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The Gospel Project

Today is a big day for Lifeway! For the last several months, you may have seen that Lifeway has been working on a new curriculum called the Gospel Project. Not only is this a new curriculum for kids, but curriculum for every age...

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Legal usage of kidmin resources

Earlier this week I reviewed a new Easter Resource by God’s Kids Worship (in case you forgot, I’m giving one away this week too… check here for details) and it prompted a very interesting thought. As a part of...

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Question for the CMO tribe

Late last week I got an email from Skip Coulter. He said he had a question for the CMO tribe. I liked that. I know there’s a decent little crowd of regular readers and the “CMO tribe” has really helped me out...

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Free Curriculum

Free curriculum! Did that get your attention. I heard about this a while back and thought to myself, “what a great idea!” We’ve been using 252 Basics and My First Look for over two years at Gateway and...

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