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Respect the Role You Are In

Anyone who leads in ministry understands the overwhelming nature of the weekly task list. Every week, there are errands to run, environments to prep, slides to design, resources to organize, people to call, and dozens of similar things screaming for your attention. The list NEVER stops demanding your time – its the nature of ministry. However, we need to think about your relationship to all the items on your task list. Did you know that your time spent working on your weekly task list actually DEVALUES the role God has placed you in? It’s true. You (and I) need to take another look at the things we do every week.

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I’m not as important as I think I am

This is a critical thought that every leader needs to wrestle with. “I’m not as important as I think I am.” Many leaders find themselves stuck in their ministry. They’ve surrounded themselves with programs, tasks and responsibilities that depend on them. So many plates are spinning and it’s up to the leader to keep them going. I really don’t believe it’s a pride of vanity issue. It’s not that these leaders think so much of themselves and have some kind of messiah complex. But for some reason, so many of us struggle with this very issue.

Several years ago I heard Doug Fields speak at Orange Conference. Doug had been the student pastor at Saddleback Church for 15+ years. He talk about his transition off of staff. One day he had the weight of one of the largest and most renown student ministries in the country and the next day it wasn’t his to lead anymore. He felt sure that someone was going to call him that first day… or that first week. The phone never rang.

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Ministry Bait and Switch

For those of you new to children’s ministry, there’s something very important that you need to understand. Actually, there are many who have been in ministry for a long time who haven’t caught onto this idea. I like to call it the “Great Bait and Switch” of ministry. It’s counter intuitive from what feels natural, but if you get this and run with it, you’ll expand the scope of your influence like crazy.

Most likely, the reason you’re in ministry is because you’re good with kids. You’re probably really good with kids. You’re like the kid whisperer. You speak and they listen. They’re like play dough in your hands. There’s honest to goodness giftedness there and it’s obvious why you responded to the call of Children’s Ministry. However, what brought you into children’s ministry isn’t going to be what helps you build a large ministry that impacts kids beyond your personal influence. I’m not discounting your gift, but operating completely out of your giftedness with kids will limit your ability to reach more than than a hundred or so kids if even that. If you’re content to reach and ministry to just a hundred or so kids, then that’s perfectly fine, but if you want to see impact beyond that, you have to rely on something entirely different.

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Neglecting the sabbath

Last month I wrote about my current dysfunction. Basically, I’ve been too busy for my own good. I’ve put ministry before God and my family. The source of this dysfunction comes a little from poor time management...

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