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Blue Like Jazz Opens Today

A few weeks ago I got to see an advanced screening of Blue Like Jazz. It was a wonderful movie and I was inspired to do whatever I could to support the film. I certainly want to see more movies like this go to the box office. Movies that tell great stories that point to authentic Christianity. The best way you can support a film is to go see it on opening night. How a movie does on opening night may determine its future at the box office.It will determine if the movie will open in more theaters the next week or if it will begin shutting down to even less theaters.

So, I decided to do my part in supporting BLJ and I organized a group outing. I’m taking almost 30 of my student ministry volunteers and high school students who play in our student band to go see it.

So, here are some ways that you can support Blue Like Jazz:

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Film Review: Blue Like Jazz

Today I had an opportunity to attend an advanced screening of Blue Like Jazz. Donald Miller, Steve Taylor, Marshall Allman and others were there for a Q & A. What a wonderful privilege. I’ve heard Donald speak twice at Orange and as a result, I read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years last fall. It was probably one of the best books I read last year. I’m only half way through Blue Like Jazz right now. I wrote more than a year ago about how KickStarter was used to get this movie funded, which is an incredible story of it’s own.

So, last week I got an invite to attend the screening and I made arrangements for Sara and I to get a little date and see the movie. So, what did I think?

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Blue Like Jazz: The Movie

Four or five years ago, many people were telling me about the book Blue Like Jazz, encouraging me to read it. I wasn’t reading an awful lot at that time, so I didn’t ever pick it up. Then in 2008, I heard Donal...

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Kickstarter and Blue Like Jazz

I just came across this post on Michael Hyatt’s blog. I guess I totally missed this. In case you don’t click on the link, I’ll catch you up. Donald Miller wrote a very popular book 5 years ago called Blue Like...

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Orange 2008: Session Three

Donald Miller spoke to us tonight about leadership. It was a very interesting talk. He had a very interesting, dry humor… the type that people would laugh at several seconds after he made the remark when people figured out...

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